Union Station Column Wrapped Screens

Brigade was selected as the sub-contracted installer of two cylindrical, wrapped screens in the location of the future Union Station food court in Toronto, Ontario. Installing the frames and then the hundred or so individual flexible LED modules was a uniquely complex challenge, made more difficult as they had to be either installed while on an articulating boom inside the atrium or on scaffolding. Proudly built with the help of one Canadian Afghan War veteran.

In the vicinity of the Union Station food court there are a number of column-wrapped cylindrical LED displays. Brigade was asked to add two additional displays in the most difficult areas – above the stairs and escalators going down into the foodcourt area only a couple feet from the ceiling.

Union Station Column Wrapped Screens


The Situation

Two cylindrical displays needed to be installed on columns at height above stairs and escalators. Scaffolding could be installed over the stairs but another solution was needed over the escalators.


The Solution

Brigade brought in an electric articulating boom with the necessary reach and which was able to fit through the narrow corridors from the docks. The frames were wedge-anchored into place at height and the modules finally installed at the end.


The Success

Two incredible cylindrical displays were installed at height in anticipation for the finished construction of the Union Station food court which would see Brigade return to light up in 2018.