Hudson’s Bay Company Window Displays

Brigade was selected by a Toronto digital signage firm to design, engineer and install floating video walls for the Hudson’s Bay Co.’s main store on Young St. in Toronto, On. The two features made up HBC’s award-winning Canada 150 window display marking Canada’s 150th birthday. Proudly built with the help of two Canadian Afghan War veterans.

Hudson’s Bay Company has regularly been decorating it’s window displays on Queen St in Toronto for over 100 years. For many in Toronto, the unveiling of the displays in November marks the beginning of the Christmas season. Brigade is proud to have partnered to build the digital walls and stands for the 2017 and 2018 Seasons.

Hudson’s Bay Company Window Displays


The Situation

HBC would like to mix a combination of dynamic digital content with static features for their holiday windows. Brigade was tasked by a major Toronto digital media firm to design and build counterweighted stands capable of supporting a mix of module LED display configurations and then install a set configuration in the display windows.


The Solution

Brigade successfully worked with partners to design and build a novel modular counterweighted display stand which was deployed to HBC to build out a 2.5m x 6m and 2.5m x 4.5m LED wall for the holiday windows. Both windows were installed on time for our client.


The Success

The wonderful mix of digital, static and animatronics in the holiday windows attracted significant crowds on both unveiling days and were featured in the Toronto Star, BlogTO and other publications.