Brigade Names David Spence as CEO

David_SpenceThe Board of Directors of Brigade Construction Inc (Brigade) is pleased to announce that David Spence will assume the role of CEO effective February 28th, 2022. David brings 30 years of experience in business development, client services and operations to the deployment of retail and commercial audio and visual networks across Canada.

David recently served as Sales and Customer Experience Manager for Brigade Digital.

The opportunity for companies like Brigade to offer cost effective and technical services to network builders and operators is bolstered by quality-focused field installation experience, project management and client management applications that integrate with client scheduling, QC and reporting systems, elevated procurement support from the distribution community and direct vendor relationships.

Networks can be kept vital and current by the overlay of available technologies and emerging technologies that enhance touch systems, and emerging AI applications that translate into business-relevant capabilities such as automation for two-way communication and payment activities.

Some traditional areas of overhead cost have been be reduced by employing some of the practices learned and tested during the Covid restrictions, such as home office, and reduced physical travel.

Brigade is currently supporting some of the largest digital signage and customer engagement projects in Canada.