Brigade Partners with Freetouch for Touchless Display Interaction


We at Brigade are very happy to announce our recent partnership with Freetouch, a software solution for touchless control of touch displays which also doubles to enable touch interactivity on passive (non-touch) displays. 

Through the simple installation of Freetouch software on internet-connected PC's and touchscreens, a QR code is added to the display which, when snapped by a mobile device gives remote interaction with the display through use of the mobile device's touchscreen. No apps, no additional software for the mobile device needed.

How Freetouch Works

We're excited about the possibilities this new software can bring to existing non-touch displays and the hygienic benefits to traditional touchscreen setups.

Watch the demo to see how Freetouch seamlessly transitions the user experience from touchscreen to touch on their mobile device:


To learn more about Freetouch and how Brigade can help you deploy this technology in your own location, request a demo below:

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