Latest PAR (Formerly 3M) manuals for the G5 or XT-1 Base Stations

Open or download the latest manual for the 3M G5 or XT-1 Base Station

PAR 3M Operating Manuals

3M G5 Model:G5B1 Operating Instructions: 3M G5 Operating Manual - Rev B, (Oct 2018)

3M G5/XT-1 Operating Instructions: 3M G5 and XT-1 Operating Manual Rev 2.1 (6 Nov 2014)


PAR 3M Installation Manuals

3M G5 Installation Instructions: Installation Instructions G5 - Revision C, September 2019

3M XT-1 Installation Instructions: Installation Manual Model XT-1 - May 2008 – Revision 1.3