How do I reset the vehicle loop sensor on a 3M XT-1 Base Station?

Reset the vehicle detection loop if vehicles are not being detected or if the outdoor microphone doesn't turn off.

Note: The 3M XT-1 base station does not have a software reset and must be power cycled.

Note: It is important to ensure there are no vehicles in the drive-thru lane  to prevent incorrect counting of vehicles if a Timer system is installed.

  1. Open the front cover of the XT-1 base station
  2. Locate the Vehicle Detection Module(s) on the top left of the base station (circled in red)
  3. On the Vehicle Detection Module(s) there will be two LED's ON when the unit is powered which change based on four states:
    • Steady Green - Powered but no vehicle detected
    • Flashing Green - 2x flash every 1.5 sec - Open loop fault (line is cut or disconnected)
    • Flashing Green - 1x flash every 1.5 sec - Shorted loop fault (loop lines are shorting before reaching detector)
    • Steady Red - Powered and vehicle is present/detecte
  4. Check to confirm that the Vehicle Detector Module(s) are powered (Steady Green) and change to Steady Red when a vehicle is detected.
  5. If the LED's are Flashing Green then contact your installer for servicing.
  6. If the LED's are Steady Green or Steady Red  then the Vehicle Detector Loop is "Locked Up" and should be reset.
  7. To reset, first, ensure there are no vehicles between the menuboard loop and the drive thru window
  8. Once the lane is clear, locate the  standard 3-prong 120v Power Supply to the XT-1 base station where it plugs into the wall outlet.
  9. Unplug the XT-1 and wait 30 seconds before plugging back in.
  10. Wait for the base station to reboot.
  11. Once booted up, confirm the Vehicle Detection Loop is reset by observing the two LED's on the Vehicle Detector Module(s) for Steady Green (powered, no vehicle detected) status. 
  12. Confirm the Vehicle Detector Module(s) LED's turn to Steady Red when a vehicle is present at each vehicle detection area. 


Need more info? Take a look at the manuals for this base station by clicking HERE.