How do I increase the microphone volume on an HME ION | IQ Base Station?

Increase the microphone volume if guests are hard to hear in the drive-thru.

Headset Volume: Before starting, check to ensure the issues is not with the headset volume being low.

Microphone Obstructions: Check to ensure there is nothing infront of the microphone that would muffle or reduce what is audible. This can include foam packing used to hold the microphone in place falling infront of the microphone or any other obstructions like tape or signs placed by staff.

Wait until there are no vehicles in the drive-thru to ensure change of settings do not interfere with ordering.

Once the lane is clear, on the base station press the Menu button when on the LANE STATUS display.


On the MAIN MENU screen, select Volume Adjust.

Volume Adjust

On the VOLUME MENU, select In/Out-bound.

Note: If your store has two drive-thru lanes, in this menu you will select which lane you want to adjust.

Volume Menu

In the IN/OUTBOUND VOLUME menu, select Inbound audio.

Volume In-Out Bound MenuIn the LINE IN/OUT VOLUME menu, select Line In and use the Up and Down arrows to change the value from 1-20.

In-Out Volume

Once you've reached a microphone volume level you are satisfied with, press the Back button to return to the LANE STATUS menu to save the settings.