Digital Media Player Troubleshooting

When working with digital signage, specifically the media players that run your content, it is important to ensure several checks are made before you are able to get your content on your display.  Follow these four tips to help remove lost time and headaches.

  1. Ensure Proper Cabling
    When installing new equipment, especially pre assembled units, it is imperative that you verify the cabling is routed properly. Issues can be as simple as a swapped power or HDMI cable that can bring your job to a crippling halt!


  2. Network & Terminations
    As a new tech or even an experienced tech the RJ45 connection can become a hindrance if not checked properly. The best way to combat bad terminations is to have a cable tester on your person or in your kit at all times. Ruling out a bad cable initially can rule out several issues when troubleshooting a failed connection. Other questions to ask yourself or your team are; is the site network online and working properly? Is there any electrical work that may interfere with the network connection? Have I checked and rechecked my terminations? Am I seeing connectivity lights at the network ports? Cross these items off your list before cutting off your work and re-terminating.


  3. Power Cables
    Ensuring consistent and even power flow to a media player is extremely important to the proper operation of the unit. There have been several instances in the field where the media player is showing connectivity and power but the network connection seems spotty or non existent. This issue is due to a lack of consistent power to the unit and has been solved by reseating or if ineffective, replacing the cable.


  4. Keeping Your Equipment Safe
    Media players are most often not rated for outdoor exposure and therefore need to be kept out of the elements. If your MPs are housed in an outdoor enclosure it is extremely important that they are kept clear of any moisture, dust and other environmental impacts as any of these conditions can very quickly render an MP destroyed. Ensure the units are properly covered both when unattended and when work is being performed on them.

It is imperative that the media players are kept out of the weather if working outdoors, have proper cable connections, proper network connection and a constant flow of power to operate without issue. These are some brief and simple checks you can do to ensure the smooth function of your media players. Know your working area, understand potential issues before arriving at them and ensure you are making checks wherever possible to verify proper operation of cabling.