hello world: let's talk data analysis and data science

Our first blog post on our new data blog! We're excited!

So what is the Data Brigade? Rob Elliott and Matt Austin will explore all things in real-life applications of data science as they pertain to politics, campaigns and business with a heavy focus on the politics part. In particular we will explore important questions like "how do we get our people to vote?" and "where is the money coming from?" while also touching on timely items that are in the news to academic material that explains what we're seeing in the data world around us.

So - why should you care? Simple. as Andrew Lewis stated in 2010, "If you are not paying for it, you’re not the customer; you’re the product being sold." When it comes to business and politics - data matters, and how that data is captured, stored and used has heavy-handily written the plot for the past twenty-years of political and business campaigns.

Over the coming months we will attempt to lift the veil on some of the methods used in the political and business realms and how to ethically put them to use. And, of course, we'll throw in some interesting facts along the way. You'll get the qualitative data analysis side from Rob, a veteran of over a dozen federal and provincial campaigns and you'll get the quantitative data analysis side from Matt, a stats nerd who can code. Together you'll discover our data analysis methods as we dig deep into the changing political and business data landscape.

Want to know more about how we're putting our knowledge to work between articles? Check out how we help people win campaigns.

Let's journey on!

Rob ElliottMatt Austin
Brigade Applied Data Services