Data Driven Campaign Success

Data Cleaning

Winning campaigns start with good clean data. Brigade ensures your data can be relied upon and is in a format that you can use.

Data Analysis

Brigade provides advice and key insights from data and can assist with screening candidates, providing hard-to-find and actionable intelligence

Data Science

Brigade helps organizations develop project specific solutions through machine learning and predictive modelling

Why Choose Us?

Our Process, Our Promise

We ask a lot of questions. We want to fully understand you, your organization, your problems and your goals.

We want to become members of your team — your department of data.

We then provide guidance on what information is necessary to fill any knowledge gaps on your process and how best to obtain this, if you don’t already collect it.

Once obtained, we will clean, elaborate, and build custom models to analyse your data and provide you with insights and actionable recommendations.

Our promise is simple, as your data team:

1. We will keep your data safe and never share it with anyone
2. We will never gossip or speak ill of any current or former client, our commitment to you is for life

3. We will provide regular updates and be accessible

Case Studies

Brigade was tasked to assist a municipal candidate communicate a campaign policy to crack down on regional auto thefts. Using available crime data, Brigade was able to match neighbourhoods experiencing a high-volume of vehicle break-ins and thefts where the campaign’s message would be more likely to resonate. Brigade was also able to provide the campaign with stats on the number of incidents that occurred since the beginning of the election to help demonstrate the urgency of the issue.


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